Call Of Duty Black Ops: Hackers

Call of Duty: Black Ops is probably the best First-Person shooter I have played in a long time. The story line itself is ok but, the online game play is great. I like a good challenge and thrive on competition. One thing I come to realize is that, COD has become nothing but a hacker filled game online.

From Auto-Aim bots to Lag Switches, their is easily at least 1 person in every game I play that has some sort of cheat or mod. TreyArch has a report feature within the game and they supposedly look into the reports. How frequently? I have no idea. I am still unclear on the procedure that follows when they receive these reports. I have heard that they ban the screen name but, what does that really do? Can’t someone just change their screen name an be able to play again?

The point is, Call of Duty used to be a great game until these hackers came along to ruin it for the individuals who actually have skill. I feel TreyArch needs to take it a step further and ban the PS3 IP address from ever playing any TreyArch  games again. If someone has to cheat to play, then they shouldn’t be allowed to play at all.

I would also like to see a feature in which “Rage Quitters” (individuals who pull out of a game due to low personal performance) are forced to stay in a game. By quitting an active game, everyone gets booted from the match. I do believe that some people are in a situation at times which forces them to leave an active match so, I have an idea to be able to differentiate those individuals to the Rage Quitters. I am sure that TreyArch has the capability to track an individuals game stats live as they are playing. To identify a Rage Quitter come up with a formula. Something like:

  • If an individual is actively in a game for 3-4 Min. and they accrue 4 more deaths than kills, have a feature that waits for them to try to quit. When they do, allow them to leave but award the other team the kills that he/she has accrued and have the team forfeit.
I’m sure they can play around with that idea and make it a lot better. That’s just something I came up with.
The point is, if TreyArch doesn’t find a better way to deter these hacks, they are going to loose a lot of customers when the next big shooter is available. Yeah, I’m talking about BattleField… Any way, what is your take? Leave your comments.

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