Bristol Palin Raped By Levi Johnston?

Bristol Palin sat down with ‘Good Morning America‘ to promote her new book “Not Afraid Of My Life: My Journey So Far“. There has been some speculation whether or not Levi Johnston did in fact rape Bristol on that faithful night. Bristol uses the phrase “Stolen” because she says “that’s what it felt like.” Bristol is quick to say that she doesn’t feel that Levi is a rapist, even though she was drunk on wine coolers,15 years old and Levi was 21 at the time.

Bristol seems to be trying to take ownership of the incident. I feel she is doing this in hopes that she can convince herself that it was her decision that Levi and her were intimate. That she had “control” and chose to get herself into that situation.

Call her virginity what you will, raped, stolen, misplaced or whatever you like. The fact is, the daughter of a political figure (Sarah Palin) was drinking and getting drunk at 15 years old and hanging around older, more “active” males. If it wasn’t Levi that night, I’m sure it would have been one of his “frat” buddies.

When are we going to accept the fact that this is our society now. Teens are more sexually active now more than ever. Why you ask? Maybe it’s because we try to hide this behavior from teenagers knowing full and well that if they don’t learn it at home, they are more likely going to learn it in school, on the streets or in Bristol’s case, from a guy who will take advantage of them when they are inebriated.

Don’t get me wrong, I commend Bristol for doing all she is doing and is strong enough to get past that horrible incident but let’s “be real” and stop with the excuses for someone who should have been arrested for the rape of a minor.

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