Brad Williams Issues Apology After Backlash from Rape Story

Comedian Brad Williams has issued a formal apology after the comedian received backlash from the story he told on a podcast.

Brad Williams appeared on the podcast “Getting Doug with High” when he told a story of being on the road with Carlos Mencia that eventually led to the comedian hooking up with a female without her knowledge. Fellow comic Eddie Ifft immediately called Brad out saying “I feel like that’s a rape story”.

Shortly thereafter Williams took to social media to publicly apologize for what he said stating that his “joke” contributed to rape culture. Williams explains that he felt he had to quickly come up with a story when a viewer asked the comics to tell a weird story on their times with Carlos Mencia.

“A question was asked of me to describe a crazy story that happened on the road. I didn’t have any crazy stories but, I didn’t want to say “no” as this is a very popular podcast and I wanted to be funny so I made up a story in the spot and tried to and be entertaining.”

Many fellow comics came out to show their support for the comedian. However other “Cancel Culture vultures” have voiced their anger and called for action.

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