WATCH: Fat Bouncer KO’s Drunk in Downtown Austin

Shotguns On 6TH fightA fat off-duty bouncer was caught on video senselessly beating a drunk man in front of ‘Shotguns On 6TH’ and ‘Dirty Dog’ in downtown Austin, Texas.

The video captured begins with the drunk man already being knocked out by what appears to be an off-duty bouncer (bar unknown) wearing a “Ole Boi Clothing” T-shirt.

The drunk and already beaten man continues to rant and is hit two more times by the fat off-duty bouncer. The drunk eventually walks away with what could very well be serious head and face trauma.

UPDATE: 6/2/14

To clarify, it was not confirmed where the unnamed bouncer was an employee of. We received a message via our Facebook page from a man who claims to be the owner of Shotguns on the 6th who provided more detail to the events.

In the message he states that the altercation took place in front of ‘Dirty Dogs’ and not Shotguns on the 6th and that his bouncers were only there “trying to help resolve the issue not instigate anything.”