Bill Murray Body Slams ESPN Analyst (Video)

Bill Murray bodyslammed warpaint-covered Lee Corso, so we set... on Twitpic

Bill Murray just keeps on being more awesome and gave the world an awesome piece of video when he body slammed ESPN analyst – Lee Corso on live television.

During ESPN’s traveling college football pre-game at Clemson University, Bill Murray stopped by and made his pick for the Top 5 game between the No. 3 Clemson Tigers and No. 5 Florida State Seminoles set for Saturday night.

To everyone’s surprise even though there has been much scrutiny regarding the way Native American have been portrayed in sports, ESPN co-panelist – Lee Corso came in dressed as Florida State mascot Chief Osceola.

Bill Murray quickly jumped into action and believe it or not, was able to body slam Lee Corso onto the ground as the crowd cheered him on.

[jwplayer mediaid=”27078″]

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