Beyonce Sings National Anthem Live (Video)


Beyonce just sang the National Anthem LIVE during a press conference to prove once and for all that she does have the pipes. During a press-conference, Beyonce was introduced where she had asked everyone to please stand up.

After doing so, Beyonce began to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” LIVE and blew the crowd away who cheered at the end of her amazing impromptu performance of the National Anthem.

Any questions?

Beyonce then went to take questions from the press and stated that the only reason she used a pre-recorded version at the inauguration was because of lack of time and no sound check. Beyonce said she wanted to make her president and country proud and therefore did not want to risk any audio malfunction.

Here is Beyonce singing the National Anthem LIVE at the press conference for the Super Bowl.

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