Lake Merritt BBQ Harassment Follow-Up Video

Lake Merritt BBQ Harassment Follow-Up Video From Michelle Dione

The Lake Merritt BBQ Harassment incident has gone viral but not much is known about what has transpired.

Here, Michelle Dione – the woman who confronted the sun-glass wearing racist, explains the aftermath.

“In this video I explain what happen to that card and why it was so important to get it back before she took a picture of it.
Then I show all the footage I got at Lake Merritt for the BBQ’n While Black event.

The first video clip is from @ajwftw on Twitter who was walking the lake the day of the incident with the woman harassing two men BBQ’ing and she documented what she saw on twitter.

Next time I will explain how I came up with this strategy of dealing with harassment. This is not my first time confronting someone for being racist. We (my husband and I) used to go to the crazy “Battle of Berkeley” rallies and I started a technique of confronting propagandists in their Livestream.”

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