Austin Powers Actor Murders Cellmate

I’m sure by now you have heard about “Austin Powers” actor, Joseph Son (Dr. Evil’s henchman) Random Task, and the torture charges and now possible murder of his prison cellmate. If not, here’s something to catch you up.

Joseph Son was incarcerated on Sept. 16; he will be serving a life sentence for felony torture charges connected to a 1990 gang rape of a woman on Christmas Eve.

On Monday evening (Oct. 10), prison guards found the body of Son’s cellmate, 50-year-old Michael Graham, he died of “multiple blunt force injuries.” The death was ruled a homicide.

Son, a former MMA fighter, is a suspect in Graham’s death; Graham had arrived at the prison on June 23 to serve a two-year sentence for his failure to register as a sex offender.

Joseph Son is now in Solitary Confinement. During his solitary confinement, Son will be allowed to enjoy 10 hours of yard time a week and he’ll also have regular shower privileges.

Amazing how you really do not know what someone is capable of. I’m sure Mike Myers wouldn’t have worked so closely with Joseph, had he known of his behaviors. Just think, how many more people that are out there seem normal ye, have the power to kill another human being.

Some may think even acting in movies can have an affect on someones psyche. Playing murders or dark demented people sometimes can get out of control and you can sometimes forget where you start and your character ends. Heath Ledger felt that effect while playing the ‘Joker’ in the ‘Batman’ movie.

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