Aries Spears Suing Zo Williams After 5150 Beat down

Although Aries Spears didn’t fight back while getting manhandled by Zo Williams on 5150, he will do all his fighting in court, like a “light skinned n*gga”.

Aries is set to file a lawsuit against 5150 co-host Zo Williams and the internet-based radio station where Zo Williams beat up Spears after he joked “light skinned n***as” like Zo always get loud.

Aries stated he did is the same kinda stuff Chris Rock does, but because he was so badly beat, his injuries affected his ability to perform.

Aries Spears hired Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos, who will sue the station and Zo. The lawyers claiming Zo had a propensity for violence, and the station is also responsible because they hired him.

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