Ariana Grande “Casually” Dating SNL’s Pete Davidson After Mac Miller DUI

Ariana Grande Dumps Mac Lethal After DUI

Ariana Grande is said to be “casually” dating SNL’s Pete Davidson after breaking it off with rapper Mac Miller. Which pretty much means that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are just banging each other.

Recently, Mac Miller was involved in a DUI car wreck crashing his truck into an electrical pole in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It was reported that Miller blew twice the legal limit in a breathalyzer test. Miller’s blood-alcohol-content level was .15. California’s legal limit is .08.

Miller along with two friends, two friends fled on foot and were retrieved from his home later on.

Mac Miller, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, was detained for several hours before making $15,000 bail.

He’s set to appear in court on June 7.

Ariana Grande responded on Twitter saying she supported his sobriety for years, “But shaming/blaming women for a man’s inability to keep his s**t together is a very major problem.”

TMZ broke the story … Mac smashed up his G-Wagon, and got busted for DUI … one week after he and Ariana announced their split.

She says she’ll continue praying for Mac to figure out his problems.

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