Anne Hathaway Rap

Anne Hathaway, who will be the NEW Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie, proved she had rhyming skills during her appearance on Conan on TBS.

Not happy with the Paparazzi who were always on the set of the new Batman flick ‘Dark Knight Rises‘ Anne summoned the very limited rapping style of Lil Wayne, to express how she felt.

Anne Hathaway mentioned that she was a fan of Lil Wayne’s new ‘Love Song’ ‘How To Love‘ and said that it was “Beautiful”… Anyway, I believe this is what inspired her to create the tune. However, in my opinion, Anne Hathaway sounded 10 times better than Lil Wayne. She had so much more substance to what she said and didn’t sound as annoying as Lil Wayne.

Anne Hathaway officially has more ‘Street Cred‘ than ‘The Game‘ who recently tucked his tail between his legs when he apologized to Police Officers for the Tweet he never Tweeted.

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