SJW Berates Lyft Driver for Hawaiian Bobble head Doll

Cringe worthy video captures a SJW feminist berating a Lyft driver for having a Hawaiian bobble-head doll on his dash. The woman filming was identified as Annaliese Nielsen, a described SJW (Social Justice Warrior) with a massive chip on her shoulders.

annaliese nielsen on Twitter: "Just had a racist @lyft driver kick me…
archived 28 Aug 2016 08:46:28 UTC

The video shows Annaliese Nielsen arguing with the Lyft driver about a Hula girl glued to his dash. Annaliese Nielsen becomes enraged when he refuses to take the Hula girl “Lola” down because A. It’s glued onto his dash and B. he realizes that whatever he does, it will not appease the radical feminist. Someone was able to get their hands on the video and sent it to Lauren Southern who then uploaded the video to Youtube.

As retaliation, Annaliese Nielsen attempted to have Lauren Southern’s Youtube channel shut down but it seems the attempt failed as we were able to confirm it is still live.

Unfortunately for the Lyft driver, she claims to have been able to get the man fired from his job. We reached out to Lyft but have not heard back regarding the situation.

However, the video has gained popularity and the backlash against Annaliese Nielsen grew. Nielsen was even forced to shut down her origional Twitter account but when trying to get it re-activated, found that it had already been commandeered.

It seems Annaliese Nielsen does not like it when strangers berate her as she pleads with anyone who is listening to not engage those who are publicly coming out against her as it will only “excite” them.

More to come…

Annaliese Nielsen Video:

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