American Airlines Meltdown as Woman Misses Trip to Disney

A woman is recorded on video as she has a meltdown in New York’s LaGuardia airport after American Airlines delyas her flight causing her to miss her trip to Disney.

The video shows a mother berating staff after a 12-hour delay and claiming passengers were lied to. ‘Don’t give me this bulls***. You’re all going to pay for my Disney cruise and you’re going to pay for everything else here.’

The woman begins to walk away but then turns around and returns to the desk, yelling: ‘I’m getting everyone’s name here because you’re all in s***.

‘I want everything. I’m sorry, you lied to me. You lied to me. I’m sitting here since 8 o’clock with a nine-year-old who’s waiting for her vacation and my 13-year-old and me.’

You can then see a young girl believed to be the woman’s daughter in tears clutching a plush toy go to the woman and attempt to calm her down as she grabs her shoulder. ‘I’m getting what we want. We’re waiting all our lives for this.’ The woman screams, ‘I’m waiting for this Disney cruise for a year already.’

As she slams her hand on the desk, the mother yells: ‘If there’s no flight just say there’s no flight. Say there’s no flight.’

Airline staff eventually called police for assistance. Video of the woman’s tantrum has gone viral on the internet, with more than half a million views on Facebook alone.

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