Adam Levine Caught Saying “I Hate This Country” (Video)


So now everyone is upset that Adam Levine had an opinion. During “The Voice” elimination round, Adam Levine’s mic was

During an eliminations round of “The Voice”, singing coach and ‘Maroon 5’ front man – Adam Levine witnessed 2 of his remaining 3 contestants get voted off the show. This clearly upset Adam and a moment of honesty was caught on tape.

I hate this country.

As soon as this happened, a ton of people with no life took to twitter as they usually do to protest Adam Levine’s “I hate this country” remark. Adam immediately tried to conduct some damage control by releasing a series of tweets that mocked those who were complaining, giving them definitions for the words: Joke, Humorless, Lighthearted and Misunderstand.

adam levine I hate this country tweet

Although Levine’s comment was indeed in bad timing given the Memorial Day holiday, does that make him a bad person? The fact is, there are tons of stupid people in this country and they definitely showed themselves when they began to complain on twitter.

All these shows where “America” gets to decide a winner is complete bullsh*t because it’s not “America” choosing, it’s the dumb asses who Adam was talking about who wouldn’t know talent if talent tea-bagged them.

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