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NewsAsylum strives to bring the news to you BEFORE it goes viral and gets tainted by the mainstream media. Our mission is to provide our supporters with un-filtered articles on today’s current events.

What began as ‘OfficialMagicPg’ way back in 1999 as a site that offered free magic tricks, has de-volved into ‘NewsAsylum.’ We noticed a big shift in user interest when we would write articles containing only the facts. We didn’t spin stories in an attempt to sway your position. We wanted people to think for themselves.

At times NewsAsylum writers may seem a bit cynical (hence the site name) but that doesn’t make them any less credible to the garbage allowed to be broadcasted to millions on television.

NewsAsylum is an open source for all celebrities, artists, musicians, comedians, actors etc. We welcome anyone who has something to say, to write to us and be heard.

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