Florida Teen Shoots and Kills Home Intruder who Turns out to be his Dad

A Florida Teen Shoots and Kills Home Intruder who Turns out to be his Dad. The incident began in a St. Petersburg home when Malachi Heisler,18, said he he awoke to cries for help. “I woke up to my name being called, okay. I heard the words Malachi and help, that’s all I heard when I woke up,” Malachi said during an interview with News Channel 8 while wearing a red bandanna to protect his identity.

Malachi grabbed his rifle and ran to his mother where he said he spotted the masked man with two guns pointed at his mother. “He pointed it at my mother first, and then when I came out of the room he pointed it at me. So picture in your head, it was a standoff between me and him. He had his pistol and I had my rifle. It doesn’t matter a bullet is a bullet, one shot, you’re dead,” explained Heisler. Malachi said he only had seconds to make a decision and didn’t know who the man was that he shot until after the gun was fired and identified 46-years-old John Heisler by his tattoos.

Heisler stated that his mother had a restraining order against his father, after he was arrested at their home in April of 2015 and charged with felon in possession of firearms. Malachi also goes on to say John Heisler was not a good father. “He wasn’t a good dad, no (expletive) father of the year awards,”

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