Mentally Disabled Mother “Forced” To Beat Young Daughter (Graphic Video)

This mentally disabled woman – Shannon Eckley, is shown beating her young daughter but she says that she and her daughter were held hostage in an Ohio Slave Labor camp and she was forced to abuse her own child.

The woman claims her and her 5-year-old daughter were held captive for 2-years and that she was forced to beat her child on camera in an attempt to keep her quiet. She said she only hit her daughter out of fear that if she didn’t comply, it would have been worse for her daughter.

Four people from Ashland, were arrested and charged with starving, enslaving the woman and her child, while also threatening her and beating her.

The suspects – Dezerah Silsby, Jordie Callahan, Jessica Hunt and Daniel J. “DJ” Brown all deny that they held the woman and her child captive and forced them to work. Dezerah Silsby was released and is awaiting trial, the others have a hearing Monday.

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