Is This KFC “I Ate The Bones” Commercial Racist (Video)


Fast Food giant – KFC has just released their new Original Recipe Boneless Chicken and the commercials have been getting a lot of attention. One in particular is being questioned a little more than the other.

The “I Ate The Bones” commercial that features a black family gathering around their dad who is eating a bucket of chicken, has been getting some viral ridicule saying that the commercial seems a bit racist.


Take a look at the new #Iatethebones campaign by KFC and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. This is not racist. I’m african american and I saw the same commercial with a white family and I thought it was just as stupid. People need to stop being so sensitive and looking for things to be offended by. I think seeing a black family in a chicken commercial is the part they don’t like whether they’re eating the bones or not is not even the point, the “offended” just don’t like to see black people eating fried chicken. Even though we all eat it! Now if they were all sitting there guzzling kool aid and chomping on big pieces of watermelon while glorifying the KFC boneless chicken that would be something to be offended by but just eating chicken? Get over it

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