Experienced skydiver – Tommy Ferguson, was going through a routine jump not knowing that this will be the day he loses an arm. Tommy Ferguson started to experience random gusts of wind during his landing and had the option to either try to avoid the trailer or low turn and pitch himself into the ground with a down draft and traveling at around 45 mph.

Tommy’s body smashes into the trailer and by the noises he makes after wards, I couldn’t imagine the pain he was going through.

The skydive accident that caused the loss of my left arms feeling due to nerves being severed from spine, which I am still waiting for the amputation confirmation date. All I remember is looking over at the pit and seeing the trailer and wanting to avoid it. Upon exiting the plain the winds on the ground were at 11 mph due west. Coming in on landing I did a pen check and was being blown backwards from the west and crosswinds from the north. The winds at the time of the crash were all over, varying from west and north anywhere from 20 mph to gust of 28 mph. The GoPro camera I was using makes it look like I am farther away from the trailer than i really am. I had a small window of time to make a decision attempt to miss the trailer or due a low turn and pitch myself into the ground with a down draft and traveling at around 45 mph. I am here posting this video so as far as I’m concerned it was the right decision at the time. In truth, I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE… I DO NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING AFTER THAT ALL I DO IS WATCH THE VIDEO!

Watch this insane graphic skydiving accident caught on tape.

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