Pastor Says Stroking Horses Can Cure Homosexuality


Pastor Raymond Bell, of the Cowboy Church of Virginia, says he has what he believes to be a “cure” for Homosexuality and it is going to be “hoof” you to know what he says.

Pastor Raymond Bell does not believe that someone is born Gay but that the Gay lifestyle is one chosen. Pastor Bell told Gay Star News “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy”, the practice of stroking horses, may help in the “curing” of maladies and “addictions” like homosexuality.

EAP can help any person who is living the homosexual lifestyle or involved in it in anyway,

Of course there is no scientific evidence behind this claim. The belief is that by stroking a horse, it can make a Gay man more masculine and identify the “reason” behind choosing to be Gay such as – Rape, Abuse etc.

I’m no doctor or scientist but, stroking horses sounds a little weird in itself let alone doing it to “cure” homosexuality. If you’re stroking off horses, you may want to re-evaluate yourself before speaking to anyone about it.

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