Young Female Softball Pitcher Hits Ump In Face With Ball (Video)

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During a youth female softball game between the Cal Cruisers and Minors Gold, an umpire calls the game after he was intentionally hit in the face with a pitch.

The incident takes place in October at the Firecrackers and Triple Crown Sports presents: Showcase at Big League Dreams in West Covina, Calif. The video starts with Cruisers pitcher – identified as Hailey Hilburn, throwing what seems to be a strike yet the umpire calls a ball with bases already loaded and allows a runner to score.

The coach walks onto the field and has a short discussion with the pitcher and catcher. The next pitch comes and the catcher seems to intentionally move out of the way leaving the umpire to get hit in the face with the ball. The umpire then removes his masks, walks away and calls and end to the game.


Justine Shilt, a centerville varsity assistant softball coach seemed to have found nothing wrong with the potentially dangerous pitch:

It’s real easy to criticize the young pitcher but from what you can hear the father’s yelling in the background during the game, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Sometimes parents put so much pressure on their children that although sad, it is not uncommon for things like this to happen.

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