Crazed Man Masturbates and Poops In Florida Man’s Home

Gregory Matthew Bruni

Yeah so try to follow me on this. A guy named Gregory Matthew Bruni jumped off a man’s roof, dodged gun fire, spilled over a vacuum cleaner, masturbated in the living room, rubbed the home owners clothes on his face then defecated in two areas of the home then drank the contents of the vacuum cleaner. Goth it?

Tony Land and his wife LaDonna were at home when they discovered naked carnival worker – Gregory Bruni on top of their roof. Tony went outside and that’s when Gregory jumped off the roof and knocked Tony down. Gregory then ran into the house where LaDonna grabbed a gun and fired at him but missed. The couple then called 911.

I don’t know who the hell he is he’s naked and he ran into my damn house,

It was reported that Gregory knocked over several items in the home as well as masturbated and pooped inside the home as well. Police will conduct tests to determine if Gregory was on any drugs. Bruni has been charged with criminal mischief, battery, occupied burglary.

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