After American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed in the rocket attack, his body was paraded around Benghazi. Here are the gruesome photos. The following pictures are very disturbing and are only intended for 18+ years of age.

Here are Chris Stevens’ final moments alive.


  1. what about Mr Gaddafi he was killed too and he was the President and Father of Libya. The savage bastards that killed Mr Gaddafi are burning in hell now.America has no business in Libya it does not belong to them. People get what they ask sad.

  2. Gaddafi was a brute and a murderer who reaped what he sowed. By all accounts Ambassador Stevens was a good man who worked hard to help the Libyan people.

  3. this article is inflammatory bullshit, the pictures are identified people that tried to save him. the one with the cel phone in his mouth is verified as dragging him to the hospital. nice job idiot media

    • My desire is not based on the photo’s.. It’s based on the fact that he is DEAD. There MUST be a response! I don’t care if he was dead in the photos, before the photos, after the photos. I don’t care if the guy picking him up is the FALSE pedophile prophet “Muhammad”. I don’t care, the fact remains that they committed a cardinal sin. Diplomats are sacred, thats what gives them the courage to operate in dangerous areas, because it’s know.. “That would be a really bad idea..” There MUST be a response, those cockroaches MUST pay.

  4. Absolutely! Where is the response? This is the SIN OF ALL SINS! Diplomats are supposed to be AVENGED with VENGEANCE! Do something to draw all those cockroaches back into a large formation and start dropping bombs on them until no one can be heard weeping, only moaning in pain as death over takes them. This is insane and THIS is what happens when you mix politics with REALITY! There needs to be a swift response!

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