Video Shows Shamba the Lion Attacking Michael Hodge at the Marakele Predator Centre

Shamba Drags Michael Hodge

Shamba, the lion who attacked its trainer Michael Hodge at a wildlife area in South Africa has been killed.

The video recorded by a tourist in a South African safari park last weekend, shows Shamba the lion drag Hodge from a tour truck. Shamba drags Hodge behind a bush while onlookers scream in terror. The footage ends as the sound of gunshots from a park staff member.

Hodge suffered neck and jaw injuries and is being treated at a hospital.

Hodge and his wife moved from Britain to South Africa in 1999.

Hodge is reportedly devastated by Shamba’s death. He bottle raised Shamba from birth and owned him for 10 years.

“He is very upset about the loss of Shamba and I think he is trying to put up a brave face, but he is really battling to come to terms what has happened,” Family spokesperson Bernadette Maguire told News24.

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