Ryan Gosling Breaks Up Fight In NYC (Video)

Star of “The Notebook” and Heart-Throb Ryan Gosling was filmed not during a movie, but breaking up a street fight in New York City. 2 men got into an altercation on St. Marks place and no one seemed to be doing anything about it. Enter: Ryan Gosling sporting a sleeveless shirt and Baseball-Cap to save the day.

Ryan seems to say something to the aggressor which makes him lay off the other man. No one knows what is said but a female, who was lucky enough to be there, filmed the incident. Here is the video of Ryan Gosling breaking up the fight in New York. As if he wasn’t the biggest star after “The Notebook” he is definitely going to be pulling in more ladies after they see this real-life Super Hero.

[jwplayer mediaid=”24127″]

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