Pita Pit Employee Recorded Spitting in Food

A local Pita Pit in Missoula, Montana is under fire after a employee is recorded spitting in a customer’s food.

ShaeLynn MadPlume was attending a wedding with friends – Tyanna Bostwick and Danisha Smith when they decided to grab a bite at the Pita Pit.

“On Friday night, March 23rd, we had been playing pool at the local bowling alley with family as we were all in town for a wedding. We left the bowling alley around midnight and went back to the hotel then decided we wanted something to eat. We looked online and it said Pita Pit was open until 3am. We walked into the Downtown Missoula Pita Pit anywhere in between 1:55 and 2:00 am. We were in good spirits and had ZERO intentions of being loud, annoying and rude. We stood at the counter for about a minute before we were actually approached and was told to proceed to the cashier so we can make our order. The lady had a bad attitude from the start saying how she was faking a smile and how much she didn’t want to be there. She had asked us to hurry up and make a decision to make this quicker for her because she’s tired. Her words were somewhere along the line of “I don’t want to be here so I’m not going to smile because it’s going to be fake. Let’s just get this over with.” We were shocked at her blatant rudeness when she had literally just served a customer before us. We then replied to her that she should quit her job If she wants to have a bad attitude about making our food. I felt her behavior was based on a judgement she made as soon as we walked in the door. She did not know us and we were not being rude or belligerent. She felt she could treat us like this and get away with it for some reason. And because there was a Caucasian male who had just paid for his food that did NOT receive the same attitude we got from her, we felt she was treating us like this because of our race. As she start making our food, Danisha (as seen in the video) asked for avocados and the girl refused to go in the back to get a spoon for them. When danisha asked her again to go get the spoon the worker replied with “how about I spit in your fucking food instead” at which point Tyanna started filming. The videoing takes place after we heard her say it because we were really surprised she had threatened to spit in our food and Tyanna realized she should record just in case and start filming a Snapchat video. And despite being recorded, the worker continued to be rude and actually spit in the food! Tyanna quit recording because she had to put her phone away to try and usher us all out. At that point the worker was yelling at us to “come at me” and we were arguing back and forth. At that point I became fed up. I could not believe she had been rude first of all, then spit in our food, and was still trying to provoke us by inviting an altercation. It worked. I was provoked and engaged in a physical altercation with the employee. Tyanna attempted to break it up and the other worker pushed her. Tyanna tried again to break it up, then the other worker pulled me away by my hair and shirt. We then all left and they locked the door. There was no other customers in the restaurant, although a woman tried to lie and say she was there on FB and that we were drunk and belligerent. She was caught in her lie, however, by it just goes to show how far people will go to defend her actions. Nothing justifies spitting in another persons food. We are now receiving multiple threats via FB messenger, and our integrity and character is under attack. We didn’t want any of this, we just don’t think this behavior should be tolerated or swept under the rug anymore and that’s why we shared the video”

The Pita Pit responded via Facebook saying they were shocked and saddened and that the employee was terminated.

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