Angry American RyanAir Check-In at Brussels Airport

Angry American passenger makes Ryanair employee cry at Brussels Airport:

An angry airline passenger has been slammed for his angry outburst that left a Ryanair boarding attendant in tears. The man who goes by the Youtube handle “PrinceofTheUniverse”, claims he was a victim of ‘mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners.

The mobile phone footage, seemingly shot by the angry customer, shows a Ryanair staff member identified as simply “Sabrina” being repeatedly harassed over a ticket issue by the irate customer at Belgium’s Brussels Airport.

The filming is believed to have started after the attendant, referred to as Sabrina in the clip, stopped the man from boarding the aircraft because he did not have a pre-printed pass.

The man who filmed writes:

“Is it because I am “black”? Mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners, especially so called “blacks” are alive and well as evidenced by this video.

The Dominion Of Public Opinion

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