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Nancy Grace ; “People On Pot Stab & Shoot Each Other” (Video)

January 18, 2014

Someone’s been watching a little too much “Reefer Madness”. Former prosecutor Nancy Grace, was in a debate with Mason Tavert, founder of Marijuana Policy Project, when she quite possible said the dumbest thing anyone could say. Tavert’s goal is to end marijuana prohibition [...]

Iraq War Vet Becomes First Man To Buy Recreational Marijuana (Video)

January 2, 2014

History was made when a man walked into a store and became the first person to legally buy recreational marijuana. Sean Azzariti, an Iraq War veteran, became the first buyer of legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado. During an interview Azzariti told reporters that he used pot to alleviate [...]

Marijuana Helps Mom With Cerebral Palsy (Video)

December 11, 2013

A Kansas City woman risked custody of her children so that she could smoke marijuana. Why? She was born with a severe case of cerebral palsy and marijuana not only helps her with the constant pain, but also with her speech. At times Jacqueline Patterson is unable to speak or use the right side of [...]

Portland, Maine Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

November 6, 2013

Portland, Maine becomes the first East Coast city to legalize recreational marijuana for anyone 21 years of age and older. There was initial controversy with ads being placed on Metro buses by pro-marijuana advocates urging voters to vote yes on Question 1. The ad reads: “I prefer marijuana [...]

This Is How NOT to Make Hash (Video)

October 8, 2013

They don’t call it dope for no reason. These morons try to put a “How To Make Hash” video together but forget that they’re a few chromosomes light on being chemists and almost blow up their kitchen. A few Youtubers offer their advice saying, the´╗┐ color of the liquid [...]

Boat Filled With Weed Abandoned on Florida Beach (Video)

October 1, 2013

Fort Lauderale police are looking into a boat filled with marijuana that was abandoned on a Florida shore. The 20-foot vessel was discovered by a man who was sleeping in nearby bushes. 11 bales of marijuana was recovered from both inside the boat and in the water nearby. According to a U.S. Customs [...]

“Home Improvement” Star – Taran Noah Smith, Guilty In Hash Case

December 4, 2012

Oh they grow up so fast (tear). Remember Mark Taylor, the youngest of the 3 boys on the hit sitcom “Home Improvement”? Yeah he just plead guilty to DUI Hash and possession charges. Taran Noah Smith parked his Honda Accord in front of a fire hydrant back in Feb of 2012 and when the cops [...]

Chris Brown Tweets Pics Of Him Smoking Marijuana In Amsterdam

December 4, 2012

When in Rome. Chris Brown is definitely partaking in the native culture while in Amsterdam as he tweeted a bunch of pics of him smoking weed. In the pics, you can see Chris brown doing everything from lighting up bongs to smoking 3 blunts at once. Chris Brown is set to perform in Amsterdam’s [...]


November 7, 2012

The Rockies just got a little higher because Colorado became the first State to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA for recreational use. Amendment 64 passed making it legal for adults (21) to use Marijuana for not only medical purposes but anytime they want. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said: The voters have [...]


September 24, 2012

Chris Brown had tested positive for marijuana in Virginia on a June 18th drug test administered by Chris Brown’s probation officer. Chris Brown was in court for a progress report in relation to his and Rihanna’s domestic violence incident. According to Chris Brown, he had smoked the [...]


September 20, 2012

When in Rome… Lady Gaga was performing in Amsterdam for her Born This Way Ball tour when she decided to take a quick rest in between songs. That’s when a fan in front passed her some weed and Lady Gaga obliged the Amsterdam crowd. Holland is it real? Don’t tease me. Oh it’s [...]
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