Rude West Virginia Officer and WVNS News Reporter (Video)

It seems like both the West Virginia News station and Virginia Police work together to try to create their own stories.

Here we see a man being pulled over for talking on his cell phone. The elderly man pulls over in a parking lot and exits his vehicle asking what is wrong. Corporal C.D. McCormick – who is with the Beckley City Police Department has to ask the man to sit back in the vehicle twice before he loses his cool and begins yelling at the man. This is understandable but what happens next is not.

As the man is entering his vehicle, officer McCormick exits his vehicle and yells at the man “I give you a command sir you do it!” then slams the man’s vehicle door on him. At some point McCormick regains his composure and cites the man for talking on his cell phone and not producing insurance.

Jessie Gain – reporter for WVNS, then pops into frame and Identifies herself. Jessie begins questioning the man on the “new law” of not being able to talk on your cell phone in West Virginia with the man replying he did not of the new law. The man the brings up the topic of the officer being very rude to him and asks for her and her crews name so that when he files a complaint, they can be listed as witnesses.

All of the sudden this sorry ass excuse for a reporter forgets she already identified herself and begins asking why the man needs her name. She then begins to back track telling the man it’s his fault the officer acted the way he did. Her cameraman sees his opportunity and jumps in telling the man it’s his own fault as well.

After the crew refuses to give the information that they already gave, the man tells them to turn the camera off and does not give permission to use the footage. The video ends while you hear the cameraman saying that they are on public property of something to that effect because he thinks he knows the law.

We went on WVNS’ site and saw that Jessie has done more than one story with Officer McCormick and seems to now go on ride-a-longs chasing stories.

Here are some pics of Jessie and she looks like a fun girl but from her actions in this video, a credible news reporter? I don’t think so.

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