President Barack Obama recently gave an emotional speech in which he thanked his campaign staff for the tremendous job they did during the campaign.

During his speech in which he thanks his campaign staff, President Obama reflects on his old days in Chicago but also marvels at how talented he feels his campaign staff is and how detrimental they were to his re-election.

As President Obama credits the job his campaign staff did, he begins to get choked up as tears stream down his face. Up until recently, President Obama has never publicly cried.

What you guys have accomplished will go on in the annals of history and they will read about it and they’ll marvel about it,

The most important thing you need to know is that your journey’s just beginning. You’re just starting. And whatever good we do over the next four years will pale in comparison to whatever you guys end up accomplishing in the years and years to come,

If you didn’t get to see the emotional speech President Obama gave his campaign staff in Chicago, here it is.

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