Jefferson Parish Police Officer Unlawfully Enters Home and Arrests Man (Video)

In a disturbing video, a Jefferson Parish Police Officer is recorded unlawfully entering a man’s home and arresting him without any reason.

The video recorded by Eric Banegas and later uploaded to Facebook, shows the Louisiana officer forcefully entering his way into a man’s home without any warrants as he unlawfully arrests 26-year-old Donrell Breaux.

The officer arrived at the home after a neighbor called claiming the two men were yelling profanity at him and his daughter. Both Breaux and Benegas admit to using profanity but say they were talking among themselves on their porch.

JPSO released a statement to WDSU6 in ehich they say the officer smelled marijuana in the area and requested that Breaux produce identification. As Breaux went back into the home, that’s when the officer said Breauz was under arrest and claims he resisted and that’s when the struggle ensued. Breaux reacts by saying, “You’re scaring me,” as he asks the cop why he is being arrested.

The officer then walks into the living room before telling Eric Banegas, the individual filming the incident, “Get out of here, I’m not talking to you,” to which the youth responds, “This is my house though”. When Breaux asks the officer his name, the cop responds, “I’m not answering you, you answer to me,” before tackling Breaux and attempting to handcuff him.

Breaux, who has been living at the Marmandie Avenue address since December, claims he recognized the deputy as a friend of the neighbor. “I’ve seen him at the residence before,” he said.

JPSO claimes Breaux has a prior criminal history wit arrests for terroristic threats and acts at a school in Georgia reckless conduct and other matters. However there is no information on whether Breaux was convicted on any of all of those accusations. Breaux was arrested and charged with battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said the video was being studied and that the matter was under internal review. The police officer has not been named.

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