Florida Woman Chases Pervert out of Target Store

A Florida woman records herself as she chases a perverted voyeur out of a Jacksonville Target store.

Candice Spivey was shopping in the bikini section of a Target when the man police identified as Jeffery Polizzi, a man with a prior conviction for preying on women in public places approached her. Candice says the man also approached her two years ago in a Publix supermarket and secretly filmed their encounter, asking her what she described as inappropriate questions.

“Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?” Spivey of Yulee, Florida, asks Polizzi in the video. Polizzi immediately drops his items and runs out of the store with Spivey hot on his tail. “Call the cops,” she shouts as Polizzi runs away from her.

Spivey posted the video to her Facebook page, where it has a over 1.6 million views. Dozens of women replied to Spivey’s video claiming Polizzi, 31, did the same thing to them.

Candice writes:

(sorry for the language in the video, my adrenaline was going and I was pissed)
I was approached by this man yesterday in the bikini section of Target, out here in Yulee. Now the thing is is that the same guy approached me two years ago here in Jacksonville at a Publix while I was shopping. The locations were about an hour apart in distance from each other.
When he approached me yesterday he did not remember who I was, until I called him out on it in this video. When he approached me in Publix two years ago he had two small children with him under the age of three in his shopping cart. The basket of his shopping cart was filled with multiple different types of razors that were for both men and women. He starts out his conversation with the same punch line he uses here in the very beginning of this video saying, “Hey there I don’t mean to bother you but I just bought this maxi dress for my wife at Ross and I was kinda worried about the sheerness of it.”
He says his wife has put on weight after giving birth and he uses her as a way to start asking questions that get extremely inappropriate. For instance he starts asking his wife should wear the maxi dress with no panties, and if she should shave “down there” trying to make it seem very innocent in the way he’s asking. He then asks if you’re wearing panties, etc.
Whiles he’s asking these questions he’s filming you with his cell phone, and I knew he was by the way he was holding his phone. I had this feeling there was way more to what he was doing than just asking questions, it was very routine for him like he’s been doing this for a long time. So I went immediately to the front and reported him, they called the cops and he was banned from that publix. It was NOT illegal what he was doing.
However when this incident happened yesterday that was the second encounter that I have had with this guy and this time it was much worse.
After I called him out in this video when he gives me his punch line and as I’m staring at his basket full of razors, he clearly doesn’t remember who I am, and then the shock rushes over his face and he starts to run, so I chase after his sorry ass because I wanted his tag info. I wanted this guy caught. There was something not right about him.
He then took off on foot to the McDonalds across the way right by the Target, is there for about five minutes when we’re all waiting for him to come back because his truck was parked in Target’s parking lot. So he comes running back, jumped in his truck, spun out of the parking lot and he just so happen to spin out onto A1A right in front of the cop that was coming to target for the incident. He ran from the cops, they had to chase him. They finally got him to pull over, he wouldn’t get out of his truck and they had to pull him out at gunpoint.
So when they ran his background he has a history of video voyeurism and has been in trouble for putting cameras in his shoes and filming under girls skirts, in the dressing rooms when girls are changing into bikinis, etc. He filmed three different girls in one location at Neptune Beach. He’s been all over Jacksonville.
He told the police he has a problem with pornography and that he didn’t know what to do about it.
If you guys could please share this and anyone who has possibly had encounter with this creep to please contact the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.
This guy is a huge creep and he’s only being charged with reckless driving, which in this case yesterday he didn’t do anything YET because he ran off. In not concerned about charges, I mean I am but I’m more concerned with his face getting out there and him being stopped.
He has approached minors as well, and there’s no telling how he could easily manipulate a young mind and how far he could take the situation.

Police eventually caught Polizzi, charging him with reckless driving after he allegedly fled the scene. It’s unclear whether he has entered a plea or has a lawyer. Polizzi was previously convicted of “taking photographs of women in dressing rooms” in 2009, according to court documents.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who has had suspicious encounters with Polizzi to come forward.

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