Florida Man Swallowed By Sinkhole (Video)


SEFFNER, FLORIDA — A Hillsborough County man was swallowed by a large sinkhole and rescues crews are still scrambling to find out if the man is still alive or not.

Jeff Bush – 37, was in his bedroom when a sinkhole measuring 20ft. wide and 20ft. deep opened up and took him and everything around it inside leaving only a long cable traveling down the hole.

Jeff’s brother Jeremy immediately jumped into the hole in an effort to find his brother.

I could swear I heard him hollering my name to help him.

First-Responders were called in and cannot confirm the cause of the sinkhole. It is believed there were two collapses that occurred a short-time from one another.

Jeremy Bush said someone came out to the home a couple of months ago to check for sinkholes and other things, apparently for insurance purposes but nothing was said to be wrong.

Story developing…

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