1-Year-Old Boy Brutally Beaten At Indianapolis Daycare

A mother is outraged after her 1-Year-Old son is Brutally Beaten At Daycare. Horrifying photos show the aftermath of a 1-year-old Indianapolis boy who was hospitalized after apparently being beaten at a day care center.

Indianapolis police said Tuesday that detectives are investigating, but that no arrests have been made.

The owner of the Kiddiegarden day care, Haben Ghebremichael, claims a 2-year-old girl had attacked Tiffany Griffin’s son. Tiffany Griffin was so outraged by her younger son Jesse’s scratched and bloody face that she punched a day care worker.

Ghebremichael said a worker at the day care separated the two children during Monday’s attack but the boy had already been injured by that time. Ghebremichael said in a prepared statement that her business has never faced any allegations of abuse or maltreatment and it is cooperating fully with police, child protective services and state agencies. “This was truly a sad, shocking and unfortunate event,” she said in an emailed statement. “Our hearts go out to Jesse and his family and are praying for his well-being.”

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