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Jenelle Evans’ Twitter Hacked – May Be Pregnant AGAIN and Having Abortion

Teen Mom – Jenelle Evans just learned a big lesson on protecting your accounts because Jenelle Evans just had her Twitter account hacked and is getting all her secrets leaked.

Among one of the bigger secrets, Jenelle Evans may be pregnant AGAIN and is planning on having an abortion. Someone apparently was able to hack Jenelle’s Twitter profile and leak some of the private messages they had.

The hacker also released a DM message where he tells Jenelle she should not be drinking if she’s pregnant. Jenelle doesn’t confirm nor deny the accusation but says she’s not talking about it online.

Jenelle is desperately trying to get her account back as she takes to her FB fan page to explain her situation:

“Someone hacked my twitter account, changed my email on it, then deactivated it. I’m so upset I’m in tears. that was my only voice i had and to prove to you guys how sober and well and healthy my life is going now. i dont know what to do. im lost. i cant believe someone would be this cold hearted. i havent done anything to anyone to deserve this. i thought good karma always came back to you… guess i was wrong. deactivating my Facebook and Official Fanpage now that my Twitter is gone. Going MIA for a while, bye world.”


It seems that Jenelle has once again taken control of her Twitter account. Jenelle has reason to believe that a person by the name of Leo Daniels, was the one who hacked her account.


An earlier version of this article stated that Twitter user @gary_head was the hacker and we would like to retract that statement as we are receiving conflicting stories from other Twitter users.

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