Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony Suspended For Kevin Garnett Fight


The Knicks will have to play without Carmelo Anthony when they face the Pacers because the league has suspended Melo for confronting Kevin Garnett after a heated game in Madison Square Garden.

KG and Mel were going at it the entire game when Kevin Garnett who is the biggest trash talker/ baby in the NBA, whispered to Melo that his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios…

Kevin Garnett took to his Facebook Fan Page to deny the allegations that he said the derogatory Statement about Melo’s wife.

I would never say anything about someone’s family! I have way to much respect for that! What I said was all basketball related and nothing else!

Carmelo became enraged and felt the need to confront KG after the game where the incident was recorded.

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