WATCH: Chris Brown, Drake and Blake Griffin Comedy Skit at 2014 ESPYS

Chris Brown and Drake put their beef aside to poke fun at themselves during the 2014 ESPYS in a skit with NBA star – Blake Griffin.

The Drake Vs. Blake comedic sketch at the 2014 ESPYS showcased Hip-Hop rapper Drake and basketball player Blake Griffin attempting to out-best one another. From pranking to impersonating one another, Blake and Drake the sketch teetered on some edgy material including mocking each other’s ethnic backgrounds.

Chris Brown makes a cameo as a sadistic surgeon who comes in to assist Blake who is about to perform surgery on Drake. The skit ends with Blake Griffin introducing himself as the new host of the ESPYS and Chris Brown introducing himself and “America’s Sweetheart.” Surprisingly enough, there was no mention of Rihanna.

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