Summerlin Man Records Criminals Stealing From Neighbor

A burglary in Summerlin on Tuesday morning was captured on video thanks to a bold neighbor who decided he was going to confront the criminals.

Margaret Allred-Mueller posted the video to Facebook and it has already received over 1-million views. In her description she states:

“We were robbed today. Please watch the video and share! Maybe someone can help identify the 4 men who kicked in our front door at 10:50 am today, Tuesday, November 10th. Joe was alerted on his phone by our home security system that someone had broken in. He called our wonderful neighbor across the street and 911. Our neighbor spooked them and took video of the them leaving.”

Joseph Mueller, received an alert on his cellphone warning him of a home burglary just before 11 a.m. Tuesday. After checking his surveillance camera, “Sure enough, there was some dudes in my house robbing me,” Mueller said.

Mueller called his neighbor, an Air Force veteran who grabbed his camera and went to see what was going on. The neighbor approached the home while the thieves ran out of the house and jumped into a white GMC Yukon with no license plates.

Police say the family’s possessions had been stacked by the front door, but Mueller said they’re still working to determine what, if anything, had been stolen. Mueller has yet to hear back from police on whether the burglars had been identified or caught. Mueller said if he had one message for the community, it would be to contact legislators to demand more funding for law enforcement.

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