Man Kills Neighbor To Save Baby Twins from Being Drowned in Bathtub

Cash Freeman is being hailed a hero after he shoots and kills his neighbor Leland Foster in an attempt to save twin babies from being drowned in a bathtub.

A 12-year-old girl,escaped the home in Ada, and alerted Freeman prompting him to enter with a handgun. Freeman told police he saw 27-year-old Leland Foster holding the babies under water while threatening their mother with a knife. Freeman, responded by shooting Foster twice in the back.

“It’s awful because I’ve held the babies and like, I’ve played with them and I just gave them clothes yesterday,” neighbor Summer Pierce told KFOR News.

Freeman, speaking to KFOR off camera, said he was only trying to save the babies and expressed concern that he may be in trouble.

Foster had a history of violence, criminal records show. In 2011 he was charged with arson and domestic violence by strangulation in the first degree after being accused of choking his ex-girlfriend and setting her clothes on fire inside an apartment. He pleaded not contest in the case, the Washington Post reported.

The infants were taken to a hospital and released on Saturday.

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