Stan Lee Clears The Air Over Elder Abuse Claims

The father of Marvel and some of the most legendary super heroes ever created is setting the record straight over recent abuse claims.

Stan Lee,95, is refuting claims that he is being taken advantage of by his daughter J.C. Lee and friend Keya Morgan.

“Hi, this is Stan Lee, and I’m calling on behalf of myself and my friend Keya Morgan. Now you people have been publishing the most hateful harmful material about me and about my friend Keya and some others. Material which is totally incorrect, totally based on slander, totally the type of thing that I’m going to sue your ass off when I get a chance. You have been accusing me and my friends of doing things that are so unrealistic or unbelievable that I don’t know what to say. It’s as though you suddenly have a personal vendetta against me and against the people I work with.”

“Well, I want you to know I’m going to spend every penny I have to put a stop to this and to make you sorry that you’ve suddenly gone on a one-man campaign against somebody with no proof, no evidence, no anything, but you’ve decided that people are mistreating me and therefore you’re going to publish those articles.”

“I’m going to get the best and most expensive lawyers I can and I want you to know that if you don’t stop these articles and publish retractions, I am gonna sue your ass off.”

Stan is believed to be worth between $50 – $70 million and it has been alleged that he was being exploited for money, with The Hollywood Reporter claiming in a new report that his daughter J.C. is under the influence of three men with “bad intentions”.

After the report was published, director Kevin Smith tweeted: “This is heartbreaking. We love you, @TheRealStanLee. You are always welcome to come live with me – or please let us fans buy you a new place to live. We miss you, sir.”

Stan Lee brings up the sad truth that in today’s world, someone can fabricate anything about anyone and without hard proof, can have the story pushed by the media.

Joan Lee, Stan’s wife of 70 years, passed away in December at the age of 93.

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