MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ Ruining Our Youth

It was reported today that MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ personality, Jenelle Evans was arrested for alleged drug use and being around her enabling boyfriend Kieffer Delp, who is a known drug user.

Jenelle allegedly violated her probation by testing positive for marijuana and opiates but, she is also prohibited from “knowingly associating with any person or previously convicted users, possessors, or sellers of any illegal drugs.”

Jenelle is expected in court for a probation violation hearing on August 24 and Kieffer’s due in court exactly a week later to face assault charges. Kieffer was arrested in June for punching two people in front of a convenience store with Jenelle right beside him.

It sickens me that we have shows like ‘Teen Mom‘, ‘16 and Pregnant‘ and other shows that glorify adolescent pregnancy and drug use. These networks need to be ashamed of themselves for enabling these children to continue down their path of destruction.

All these shows are interested in, is making a quick dollar off of the problem filled lives of the young. They give these children a false sense of stardom. This false sense of stardom, causes them to think they can do whatever they want and lead them to believe that they are indestructible.

Ever since these shows started to appear, all you hear about are it’s personalities getting arrested. This is a weekly occurrence and because we continue to put them in the media, we are responsible for their demise.

It’s only a matter of time until we hear about one of these children dying from an overdose, getting killed by their boyfriends or committing suicide. Television has become so disgusting and vile that I can’t turn to a channel, that doesn’t have some sort of young person drinking or with a baby. These are the images that we portray to our youth and it is these images that most will mimic in their lives. Years ago, to be on television, you had to be able to sing, act and dance. Now all you need is a baby at a young age or a tan.

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