Lamar Odom not DEAD

Once marked for dead, Lamar Odom is said to have has his condition slightly improved according to reports.

Thankfully for him, Lamar Odom did not go long without oxygen when he was taken to the first hospital in Pahrump, Nevada by paramedics. Odom’s respirations were 6-8 breaths a minute while the normal is 12-20. Also, Odom’s blood had 38% oxygen saturation. Paramedics treated him and by the time he entered the ER, the percentage increased to 58%. Normal blood saturation is in the high 90’s.

If this is truly the case, Lamar Odom may have not suffered severe brain damage but a series of strokes suffered in the hospital still leave unanswered questions. Another good sign is Doctor’s are weaning Odom off of life-support that. Odom was said to have been able to breathe with the use of a mask instead of a ventilator.

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