Clown KO’s Volunteer

Circus Zyair, Cefn Fforest, Blackwood, Mon 9th May 2016, Accident Ben Garnham was pulled from the audience at circus near Caerphilly, Wales when Benji the clown attempted a somersault but instead came down on top of him knocking him unconscious.

“Circus Zyair – My kids filmed me up on stage tonight not knowing what was about to happen. I’m OK just battered, Concussed, bruised and a bit dizzy. I’m very angry at the way I was carried off stage before the paramedics even checked to see if I had any major neck or back injuries. I could of been paralysed for all they knew. Thankfully I’ll be OK. Thank you to all the well wishers and I’m sorry if I upset anyone or their kids. I hope Benjamin the clown is OK too.”

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