Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching A Woman In NY

Lindsay Lohan was arrested at Club Avenue in New York after allegedly punching another female in an altercation. This could prove more trouble for Lindsay who is already going to be charged with lying to Police regarding the crash at the Pacific Coast Highway where she said she wasn’t the driver.

During the altercation at Club Avenue, Lindsay supposedly told the female patron that she needed space or to give her some space. A short time later, Lindsay was said to have assaulted the woman.

Cops arrived but had to intercept the car Lindsay was driving in as she had already left the club. Lindsay was not the driver this time. Lindsay was arrested on 3rd degree misdemeanor assault charges and was given a desk appearance ticket.

Story developing…


The altercation between Lindsay Lohan and a woman at a NY nightclub was said to be over Max George of boy band – ‘The Wanted’. Lindsay was said to have taken an interest in Max but he was turned off at how drunk and sloppy Lindsay Lohan was. He then took interest in the alleged victim and that’s when Lindsay lost it.

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