Casey Anthony Says ‘No’ To Interviews And Gets Mental Evaluation

As sad as it is, Casey Anthony was the one to say ‘No’ to interviews from ABC, NBC and CBS. Even though Jose Baez (Casey Anthony’s Scumbag Lawyer) will still be working out deals on Casey’s behalf until she’s ready. This may be a move once again, by her lawyers letting her know how to ‘Play The Game’. Act as if you are traumatized by the events that unfolded and instead of having your mind on interviews, have it on evaluating yourself publicly.

These were the reasons Casey Anthony and her lawyers listed in regards to seeking mental help from a professional:

  • Casey realizes her questionable behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008
  • Still ‘Coping’ with the loss of her child
  • Post Incarceration Syndrome. Being Locked up for 3 years in a 4×9 foot cell (and not being able to party, drink and have random sex with guys was too much for her.)

Again, sadly it was Casey Anthony and her lawyers that said ‘No’ to the networks for now, but trust in due time they will be ready for all of the million dollar opportunities this great nation will provide them.

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