Bodybuilder Rich Piana Bullies Disabled Kid

Bodybuilder and admitted steroid user Rich Piana in captured on video as he bullies a disabled kid then challenges him to a slap boxing match.

The incident transpired in what was originally an “order 66” request made by Jason Genova who admittingly suffers from OCD and dyslexia, after he said Piana did not sponsoring him. If you are not familiar with the obscure ‘Star Wars’ reference, an Order 66 occurs in the 2005 prequel Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith movie, when clones turn against their Jedi commanders and terminate them.

After the two met at Europa Games event in Orlando, FL last week, Piana called out Genova who admitted to putting the “order 66” out on him and apologized. But that wasn’t enough for Piana who then challenged the mentally disabled kid to a 5 seconds slap boxing match. Genova agrees and the two go at it with Piana slapping the young man really hard in the head multiple times leaving him embarrassed and on the verge of tears.

Piana later wrote on his Facebook page:

“[Jason] admitted he was wrong and said he learned a valuable lesson and is no longer going to order 66 on people. He realizes that our social media is a valuable marketing tool we use for our business and our livelihood. We shook hands and hugged and everything is good.”

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