Racist Fort Worth Cop Arrests Black Woman Who Called for Help

Horrifying video from the body cam of Officer William Martin of the Fort Worth Police Department shows him brutally Jacqueline Craig and her family after they called the police to help after a white man chokes her 8-year-old son.

Jacqueline Craig called the Forth Worth police Dec. 21 and stated a neighbor had choked her 8-year-old son after the boy allegedly threw a piece of paper on the floor. Officer William Martin arrived at the scene and when Jacqueline explained what had happened, Officer Martin asked, “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” Understandably upset, Craig raises her voice which unfortunately results in officer Martin using forcefully detain her and two daughters. Craig and her daughters were accused of interference with public duty, resisting arrest and failure to provide identification, according to one of their attorneys.

The Fort Worth Police Department found that Martin did violated state and department policies by using excessive force, being disrespectful and failing to thoroughly investigate an offense. Chief Joel Fitzgerald suspended Martin for 10 days without pay.

Authorities alsosaid Thursday that they won’t pursue a criminal case against a black Fort Worth family arrested or the white officer who arrested them last month.

“This decision didn’t happen in a vacuum,” Chief Joel Fitzgerald told WFAA-TV (Channel 8). “My decision to pull back these charges was something that I thought was right, something that we owed the community and the Craig family in particular.” Police said earlier that they had forwarded the case to prosecutors but the Tarrant County district attorney’s office won’t investigate the officer, said spokeswoman Sam Jordan.

Craig’s attorneys Lee Merritt and Jasmine Crockett said Craig was upset and angry that her neighbor had gotten a low-level assault citation and that it had come a month after the incident. Sgt. Marc Povero, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Police Department, said the Tarrant County district attorney’s office determined this week that there wasn’t enough evidence to support a charge of assault with bodily injury against Vardi, the neighbor.

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