Soulja Boy Gets Robbed on IG, Chris Brown Responds

Soulja Boy gets robbed while live streaming on IG and Chris Brown sends funny response. Not one day after Soulja Boy called out Chris Brown, the Chicago rapper went to Instagram to share a live broadcast with his followers when during the broadcast, Soulja is approached and seemingly robbed.

“What’s going on, man? They say Soulja Boy ain’t from the hood,” Soulja Boy says before putting his arm around the unidentified man who then pushes Soulja away saying, “Get off me, though”; the phone drops, and another man picks the phone up, and then the broadcast ends.

A new angle of the confrontation shows Soulja placing his phone down after being confronted and seemingly gets ready to fight. One of the other men picks up the phone, and seems like he wants to keep it. It should be noted that the man Soulja puts his arm around is wearing the same shirt as the self-proclaimed Piru members who seem very unhappy with Soulja (and very pro-Chris Brown) in this video.

Different Angle:

Chris Brown’s Response:

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