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As Halloween approaches, a spike in scary clown sightings has been reported. The clowns were first reported back in August in South Carolina, when children told police that a group of clowns had offered them money to accompany them to their home deep in the forest. Over the course of September, clown sightings have sprung up in multiple states, leading to arrests as well as warnings from officials.

However, some are taking the mostly harmless prank too far. Philadelphia police say they have identified a 13-year-old girl who made “clown threats” toward local schools.
The girl told investigators the “prank” committed with a friend at her school, and she never had any intent to harm anyone.

In Reading, Pennsylvania, police say someone in a clown mask was involved in a teenager’s murder. Police say they’re sorting through accounts of the incident that include the victim wearing a a mask, the stabber wearing the mask and someone else wearing it.

In nearby Martinsburg, Blair County, police have charged an 18-year-old man with harassing, threatening and prowling around his neighbors’ home while wearing a clown mask and holding an Airsoft toy pistol.

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