Giant Squid Captured on Video in Japan’s Toyama Bay

Courtesy Diving Shop Kaiyu/CNN

A giant squid was spotted on Christmas Eve in Japan’s Toyama Bay, roughly 344 kilometres (213 miles) northwest of Tokyo. {Insert stupid calamari joke}

Although the bay is renown as a breeding ground for hordes of luminous firefly squid, but it’s a rare sight to see a giant squid swimming this close to shore according to diving shop owner Akinobu Kimura, speaking to CNN.

Kimura swam close and filmed the estimated 3.7 metre (12.1 foot) squid, before helping guide it back to the ocean. It’s the first sighting of a giant squid this season, which runs from November to March — there were 16 reports of these freaky creatures being caught in fishing nets last season, the outlet reported.

As oceanographer Edith Widder states. “We’ve only explored about 5% of our ocean.” Discovering and filming the giant squid is not the first – nor will it be the last, not by any stretch of the imagination, be the last – fantastic discovery SCIENCE (Get that shit, Tea Party incoherents?) ever makes, especially in the ocean! We had the megamouth shark, the sealife previously thought to be impossible at unimaginable depths, etc.

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